An enhanced Copy command for Act! CRM

It often occurs that I want to copy basic information from an Act! record to the clipboard usually to paste it into an email message. The easiest way to do so is to use the Copy (CTRL+C) command provided by Act! in the Details views.

There are a couple of problems with this command though:

The CopyToClipboard Button

Our CopyToClipboard button is the answer to these 2 issues. It is a button that you insert in the layout and which uses what we called the CopyToClipboard Command to retrieve and organize information before sending it to the clipboard. Here is an online video to demo the use of the button.

Here is a screenshot showing the CopyToClipboard Command window. You may type any text you want and insert any field you want.

The Copy Command window

You may add as many buttons as you want to your layout, each with its own command.

The CopyToClipboard button can be bought alone or as part of our Advanced Layout Tools Pack.