Everything you can do with the CTRL+C shortcut in Act! CRM

Windows users know and use the CTRL+C shortcut in most applications (or the Edit>Copy command) to copy selected information to the clipboard but most Act! users don’t know that this shortcut can also be used to their advantage in Act!.

It may be because in most cases Act! designers did not take the time to create the corresponding right-click Copy menu item that would give the user the idea to use this command.

Let’s take a look at the places where you can put the CTRL+C shortcut (or the Edit>Copy command) to use.

Detail views

In Contact Detail view, CTRL+C copies basic contact information to the clipboard (name, complete address and phone number) so that you can paste it in any application. Pretty useful to quickly send contact information by e-mail. Strangely enough, this shortcut does not work in Company and Group detail views. It would have seemed logical to implement it there as well. Might be a bug. This works in the Opportunity Detail view though.

Notes, History and Activities tabs

Under Notes, History and Activities tab, you can use CTRL+C to copy a note, history or activity to the clipboard. Just make sure you select at least one item before (you can copy several items at a time). You can paste it to a different record of the same type (for instance, you can copy a contact note from one contact to another) but not of a different type (you can’t copy a contact note to a company record). You can also paste it in an outside application: it will paste basic information about the item.

Opportunities tab

Under the Opportunities tab of the Contact Detail screen (this does not seem to work in the other screens…), CTRL+C allows you to copy an opportunity so that you can paste it into another contact, but you’ll have to refresh the page to see it (View>Refresh or F5). You can also paste outside of Act!.

Calendar and Task List views

In Calendar view and Task List view, you can copy an activity and paste it in the same view or in an outside application.

Dashboard view

Finally in Dashboard view, CTRL+C takes a screenshot of the dashboard and allows you to paste it in an outside application that supports images.