How to maximize screen real estate by adding tabs anywhere in your layouts

With the emergence of mini-notebooks, ACT! users sometimes have to fight for real screen estate in their layouts. But it might also be because their organization, like a number of organizations, took the opportunity of ACT! capability to easily add fields to load their layout with lots of information…

When screen real estate is scarse, tabs become Man’s best friends. ACT! allows you to add tab pages to the tab strip at the bottom of the screen but it does not offer a tab strip that can be added inside a layout. Fortunately Exponenciel does offer this life-saving solution.

In the screenshots below, we show one tabstrip with 2 tab pages. See how in the same amount of space we double the amount of information displayed. Obviously you can add as many tab pages as you want to each tab strip.

Exponenciel TabStrip Control added to an ACT! layout
Exponenciel Multi-Tabs can be nested inside another tab like a russian doll can be nested inside another, so the sky is really the limit. This Multi-Tabs tool can be bought alone or as part of the package of layout tools called Advanced Layout Tools Pack available on Exponenciel Web site.