Saving your List Views in Act! CRM

One common complaint about ACT! is the inability to create views in list mode (whether Contact, Company, Group or Opportunity list view). By creating views, I mean customizing a column layout (ie. choosing columns, sizing them, sorting them) and saving it to later being able to load upon clicking a button.

Also normally ACT! will remember your settings when you exit the program and automatically restore them when you re-open it but it is not uncommon to see ACT! not storing these settings at all. All in all, it is rather frustrating to spend a few minutes organizing your columns for an occasional need and not being able to store it for future use.

Our ACT! Listview Manager solves this issue. ACT! ListView Manager neatly integrates into the Act! interface.

ACT! ListView Manager neatly integrates into Act! interface

When you want to save the current view, click on the icon to the left of Current View: and the main window of the program opens up. Choose Add… and enter a name for the view. The view now appears selected in the dropdown list.

As soon as you add a field or remove a field, the dropdown list automatically switches to (Not a Saved View) to let you know that the current view has not been saved.

The Act! Listview Manager drop-down list

To load a saved view, simply select the view from the list.

You may also define a default view and quickly access it upon clicking the default view button. You may even instruct the program to automatically load the default view every time you open the List view.

In the Opportunity List View, when you save a view, the program asks you if you want to save your filter settings as well. If you choose this option, all your filter settings (dates, status, process, probability, etc.) are stored as well and restored with the view.

If you feel like testing ACT! ListView Manager, there is a 21-day free trial version that can be downloaded on Exponenciel Act! Add-ons Web site.