Setting the Record Manager of an Act! CRM record according to a condition

Need to assign Act! records to a specific Record Manager based on a condition? For instance, you want to assign contacts from certain states to Record Manager “A” and from others to another Record Manager?

Automatic Field Calculations for Act! can handle this. You simply create a calculation which target field is the Record Manager field and indicate the Record Manager’s name, the same that appears in the Record Manager field. Here is an example using the Case function:

Calculation to set up the record manager in Act!

In our example, the record is assigned to Allison Mikola if the state is NY, Ernest Anderson if the state is FL or TX. All other records go to Chris huffman.

Like with any calculation, this calculation can be run automatically. In the example above, it would make sense to assign it to the State field so that when the user sets up the State field, the Record Manager is “calculated” automatically.

For more on running calculations automatically, see our article titled Calculations between fields in Act! or for even more details, the Automatic Field Calculations Online Help.