How to copy a set of address fields to another set of address fields in Act! CRM

Following the article Calculations between fields in Act! CRM, I thought I would answer another frequent request: how can I move data from a set of fields to another in Act!? The answer again is to use Automatic Field Calculations.

In the example below, we have 2 sets of address fields and the objective is to make it easy for the user to push data from one set to the other.

how to move data from one set of fields to another in Act!

There are 3 steps to follow.

Step 1: Create 6 individual calculations, one for each field

As we saw in the previously mentioned article, a calculation is made of a target field and a calculation syntax. In the example, we need to create 6 calculations: one copying Address 1 toBilling Address 1, one copying Address 2 to Billing Address 2, up to the sixth one copying Country toBilling Country.

These 6 calculations are very simple to create. The target field is the field you copy to and the syntax is just the name of the field to copy. Here is what it looks like for the first one from Address 1to Billing Address 1.

Syntax of a copy calculation in Act!

Step 2: Group the 6 calculations in a series

Once the individual calculations are created, we create a calculation series that includes the 6 calculations.

A series of calculation in Automatic Field Calculations for Act!

Step 3: Add a button to run the series from the layout

All we are left to do is add an Automatic Field Calculations button to the layout. The method depends on the version of Automatic Field Calculations you use. For versions prior to ACT! 2010, please see the user’s manual. For ACT! 2010 and higher, I invite you to look at the online help topic with video dedicated to this.

Button to move data from one set of fields to another in Act!

By assigning the series to the button, the user only needs to click once to copy the data contained in the 6 Address fields to the 6 Billing Address fields.

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